ESN Castellanza offers a variety of services to both Incoming and Outgoing students.

Incoming students

  • Housing: we are not a housing agency but just students who, like you, looked for accommodation in Castellanza and assessed options over the years. It is our pleasure to help Incoming students to look for suitable accommodation outside the university residence and offer our own experience and translation skills to help sort out issues with landlords in our city.

          You may address your housing requests to, but please note that until December 21st in the Fall semester and early June in Spring semester our volunteers are 100% dedicated to the Incoming students that already are in Castellanza and will hardly be able to address your queries before those dates. But do not worry! There is still plenty of time afterwards to process your housing requests.

  • Meet and Greet: prior to your arrival in beautiful Castellangeles the University International Office will send you an arrival form. When filling it you may choose the option of 'meet and greet' which consists on our volunteers coming to Castellanza train station to pick you up with private cars, accompany you to the residence or other accommodation elsewhere in Castellanza/Legnano/Busto Arsizio and help you with check-in procedures while showing you the city main highlights. Note that you are many and we are few so please make sure to send in the arrival form within the set deadline to allow us efficient pick up planning among the volunteers. 
  • Welcome days: starting with the right foot forward is crucial, especially in your abroad experience for your Erasmus, Exchange or Double Degree program. That is why we are especially keen on making your first days here a whirling experience and ensure you all get to know your fellow international students. The Welcome Days usually span across two full weeks opening with an orientation meeting and continuing on with cultural events during the day and parties or sport activities during the late afternoon/night. 
  • Trips: during each semester we plan 3 trips on average. During the Fall semester we organize a daily trip to Verona, a 3-days trip to Rome for ESN Italy ICE - Incontro Culturale Erasmus - event and our 3-days SkiTrip on the snow on the Italian Alps. During the Spring semester we take part to 4-days ESN Trento ESNow trip in March, to 3-days ESN Italy Evento Nazionale trip in May and organize a trip usually in Tuscany or Venice around mid April. 
  • Sport activities: there is a Latin quote going about 'mens sana in corpore sano' - a healthy mind is one in a healthy body. We fully embrace this concept and therefore encourage you to take part in our weekly activities and sports tournaments throughout the semester. 

          During orientation meeting at the beginning of each semester we present you the official weekly schedule, but to give you an idea we usually have jogging on Mondays, aerobics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays, indoor soccer on Tuesdays, volleyball on Thursdays and basketball/streetball upon request. All these activities are for free, you are only required to produce a medical certificate stating you are in good health and can perform non-professional level sport either in English or Italian. Closer to winter times we plan outdoor iceskating nights and closer to summer times we plan pool parties with beach volley tournaments. During the semester we also have occasional volleyball and soccer/futsal tournaments with LIUC teams, neighbouring cities' teams and other ESN Sections teams. Finally during Fall semester we take part in ESN Pavia ISC - International Students Cup (one day of volley, futsal and streetball tournaments topped with prizes, apericena and party at night and the chance to participate in a daily trip to Pavia), whereas during Spring semester we take part in 3-days ESN Italy NEG - National Erasmus Games 

Outgoing students

All our volunteers took part in an Erasmus, Exchange or Double Degree program and this gives us experience we love to share regarding all aspects of the study abroad and mobility programs. Specifically, we understand 'Erasmus-sickness', the longing for more international and diverse environments in which to grow professionally as well as personally and we are always on the lookout for new volunteers to join the family. 

For any mobility program related questions or to join ESN please contact us at